Extra Virgin Olive Oil "Olio di Nocellara"


In 2015 I discovered that I had a colorectal cancer. After three days I was operated and now I'm perfectly cured and I have a normal life. From that moment on, I decided that I would take care of my diet and eat only healthy food.
Eat only the best to be healthy. Love your life.

Italian Superfood's Founder

It is a milestone in Mediterranean cuisine and deserves to be internationally renowned.  Having a strong character, this oil gives its best on bruschetta, as a dip or vinaigrette for crudités or dressing for salads, in soups, or on wild game. It is the evidence of extra virgin olive oil of superior quality. Superb. It deserves to be used as dressing for the greatest chefs creations.

Valerio I. [Gourmand]

The steel bottle preserves the oil as best as possible. Lightweight, unbreakable, and
reusable, this bottle is designed for oil of the
highest quality. Its satin finish and
elegant design make it a perfect
addition to any table setting. The packaging completes and create the perfect gift for occasions where class, elegance and taste come together.

Flavia P. [Product designer]


Valle del Belice olive growing is a tradition handed down from the Greeks

Nobler fare

Olio di Nocellara extra virgin olive oil exalts foods of all kinds

Our Steel Bottle

We preserve our oil to the best of our ability

Inspired by our founder's happy ended experience, we provide you only healthy and 100% NATURAL & GENUINE Italian Superfoods.
Italian Superfood starts with a top quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil "Olio di Nocellara" but day by day will insert in his list other superfoods sourced directly from italian producers.
We provide the highest quality for gourmets, gourmands and anyone wants to eat at best and love his life.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil "Olio di Nocellara"